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About Us

If you’re unfamiliar with the 1986 cult classic Little Shop of Horrors, from which our shop derives its name, you will also be unfamiliar with its feature character, the man-eating plant named Audrey. Our shop and restaurant are a tribute to all of the delightfully nerdy things that make us geeks smile.

You may have questions about the names of our menu items. All of our items are named after things from geek culture, especially comics and games. Feel free to explore the shop while you wait for your order! Our greatest hope is that you will leave happy, whether it’s because of the book in your hand or the food in your belly.

505 NE Main St., Cuba, MO   |   573.885.0762   |


Try Ugin's Wings tossed in our house barbecue sauce, house chipotle BBQ, or teriyaki! It's one of Audrey's favorites!

Our burger patties are hand-formed and served on brioche buns. 

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We understand that many people have different dietary needs for any number of reasons. Check out our variety of specialized menus.

"I went in the comic shop to try the food, very friendly guys, I have severe food allergies and they were more than happy to answer all my questions about menu items, they even changed the item I wanted to try so that it wouldn't cause me any harm!! Absolutely amazing customer service and a great atmosphere to sit down and have a great meal!!!"

Alisha Matlock

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